frequently asked questions

Who should attend the Campus to Corporate Program?

This program is designed for students who are fresh from college and no exposure to the corporate world. This program helps in preparing the candidate to face the corporate world with confidence and being productive on the very first day.

This program also caters to students who have not been exposed to communicating in English language and have fear as their stumbling block in communicating.


The modules covered in Campus to Corporate program is business communication both verbal and non-verbal, corporate grooming, presentation skills, team building and excellent customer service skills.


Our Program called LEAD ( Leadership Exploration & Development) is specially designed for today’s managers wherein we conduct in-depth training on modules like inspiring leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Paving the way for Success and Managerial Communication for excellent Negotiation and Decision Making Skills through tools like Johari Window and Transactional Analysis.

Do you have any program for Transforming the inner personality?

We have modules where an individual goes through inner transformation through NLP known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. We have the foundation course for the beginners which later paves the way for Practitioner’s course wherein the candidate is trained to be a Mentor and a Coach.

For this Program, we have excellent Facilitators who are Mentors and Coaches for various organisations and have been exposed to the corporate world for over two decades.


We have specially designed programs for the Corporates especially for Managers to handle stress and cope up with their day to day activities called  “Inner Re-engineering” wherein a Japanese tool is used known as REIKI which works on physical level, mental level and emotional level bringing in an all-round development and keeps stress and disease at bay.

Why Communication skills?  Am I not speaking well now?

There are two aspects to communication. One is Effective Business Communication and the other Professional Conversation Skill.  Both are tools that one needs in a professional environment, especially so in a global scenario.

Communication is the focus in interview process that convinces the employer to select you and several training programs for employees are conducted to develop this skill to ensure smooth functionality.  Many lose jobs because of ineffective communication skills.  It is also the key to perform front line jobs.

Here the skills development goes beyond speaking level. A concept called LSRW meaning Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing that are considered as 4 pillars of communication, each as important as the other. Out of these in today’s life we have restricted ourselves to mostly speaking whereas the specialists are of the view that Listening skills carry an importance of 70% in all communications.  One also needs to understand the importance of Body Language and Intonation. Then off-course the language angle to the whole thing, you have guessed it…English!  While everyone agrees it is important to converse well in English but can we go back to Grammar at this stage.  But hey! You can do without going into Grammar and still upgrade your English proficiency!

When I am good at my professional skills why should I bother about communication, interpersonal skills, grooming and etiquette?

Let me tell you a real story that happened to our so called ‘techies’ way back in the 90s.

A good number of Software Engineers, excellent in coding, arrived in the US. They spent quite some time bringing out excellent software programs.  A stage came when they had to interact with the American co-workers. They were not able to communicate effectively in explaining what they have to offer and could not understand what the American co-workers were asking or required. They also were not groomed suitably and had not learnt the rudiments of etiquette. The result…they were all sent back to learn English and comeback…at whose expense? I am sure you can take a guess.

Grooming includes apart from dressing well, hygienic habits, Body Language [Eye contact; Facial expression; hand and leg movement; Hand-shake; gender sensitivity; stance while sitting or standing etc], Intonation of voice.

Yes! They failed miserably in their first impression and result of low self-confidence. Today similar is the situations in most of the companies with global stature and outlook. The questions arises as to whether these people, let alone America, can they survive in the Indian Companies!